We are here to help you with your dental emergencies during the Covid-19 closure

dental office

Although we are closed to elective treatment as per the state mandate and professional recommendations, if you have a dental emergency, please know we are here to help you and your family. We will be open on select weekdays for dental emergencies and urgent care only. Please, if you are in discomfort or are having an issue and think you may need urgent dental care, let us know. We do not want our patients suffering in discomfort or ending up at the hospital during this period of time. We will have limited hours and appointments, so please call ASAP if you believe you may need care. 419-562-4378.

For patients that already had elective treatment scheduled in advance within the month of March – please be patient and know that you may continue to get appointment reminders until our team members have a chance to contact you to reschedule your appointment!